Thursday, April 20, 2017

Self no 10 - 2017 CNDB

Self  no 10 - dance performance at CNDB Bucharest, 2017 March -  Like CNDB Festival.
The self is the way in which an individual refers to himself. This type of reference is, necessarily, subjective, which means the self is simply a subject's reference to the same subject. the self is the unconscious extension of the " I ", encapsulating the identity  structures of personality, the unconscious tendencies and guiding the mental activity of the individual. The self is material - physical ( self-image), spiritual ( self-image on cultural, informative level 0 and social ( social identity ). This piece is part of a series of works triggered on one hand by the relationship we have with our-selves in various psycho-social-cultural contexts, and on the other hand by introspection ( self-analysis ) versus the objectifying and presenting of what ensues from this process.
pictures credit Lavinia Pollak

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