Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moment, work in progress

“The Greeks named this "moment" kairos, that is, simply put, the right moment. To know to find the perfect moment, the moment that you can stop it, and at the same time, that moment that you can liberate and realease it, is more than photography, is a philosophy of life. Many times we lose the fateful moment, passes next to us because we like it or not, we are unable to stop us, sometimes being caught ourselves into the daily trap, sometimes because we're moving much too fast to see and most of the time because we are careless or inattentive./ Aristotle defines in Nicomahica, the entire Ethics moral life around the fact of being able to recognize the right moment, to act in accordance with the time and, especially, to get ready for this decision is fundamental to the ethical man. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, this is the ultimate tragedy, because kairos it is the opposite of tyche - fortune -, that it is give us from gods and it is our predestination." from a text about Behind The Gare Saint-Lazare”

Friday, November 21, 2014

'Method of elimination' explore Dance festival, Bucharest WASP, 2014

Score #21 - Method of Elimination from WASPworking art space&production on Vimeo.

"Drama lui se intampla in surdina. Dincolo de straturile si starile prin care trecem noi ca performeri, dincolo de pieile pe care le lasam in urma pe tot parcursul lui. E asemanator si unui traseu. Nu zic initiatic dar e despre renuntare. Tot timpul se schimba ceva: mai intai suntem doi, apoi unul, apoi un iepure singur, apoi mai multe animalute, apoi nici acelea si tot asa. Si poate ca tocmai momentul de exuberanta ''stangace'', poate ca tocmai momentul acela e momentul de cotitura al asa zisului ''spectacol''. Pivotul. Poate ca tocmai acolo in sariturile exasperate, epuizante, riscate, sub presiunea si inconfortul costumelor ''simpatice'' dar sufocante, in tot efortul de a performa bucuria sta miezul... Caci ceva ceva tot o sa ne omoare pana la urma. Daca nu e butaforia cu entuziasmul jocului cu mingea, fals teatru de papusi ori o ''simpla'' diversiune, poate o sa fie excavarea dificila si extenuanta si absurda de sub covor...Si mai e ceva: parca tot timpul ni se mai da o sansa, la a stabili comunicarea, contactul 'mana in mana', la a fi impreuna. Macar cand muncim sa strangem covorul? Sau la sfarsit cand se reia imaginea ''cuplului'' Elena/Andreea. Dar nu iese. Nu e sa fie...Si disparem...in fum... Si singura situatie/imagine senina si echilibrata e scena goala, golita de efort,de incercari,de energii sau apropieri. Scena, lumina si cantecul de la sfarsit. Drama din surdina, camuflata, imprastiata sub straturile neprotectoare, grele, inconfortabile sau fals poznase.''

'what you see is not what you looking at' - IPA performance,Bucharest CIV,2014

What you look is not just what is seen' is a performance installation, which lasts 1 hour. It is an intervention that aims to reconnect an art Gallery space with outside space of that Gallery. With minimum tools: a body, a camera and a monitor, I realize a direct, intimate and powerful intercourse between the subject offered to be contemplated and the very sight of those who contemplate, making a living whole. It's a challenge who's looking who. Is an indirect link between my eyes and the eyes who looking at me. Here, I want to redefine the Act of looking from the perspective of the one who is seen as object and subject of contemplation.