Thursday, April 20, 2017

Butterfly effect Choreographic drama Concept Elena Copuzeanu/Performed by Elena Copuzeanu

I had several approaches of  theme Butterfly effect                                                                                                                 throw constraint concept (limitation of the space), the tendency to add as many objects around, butterfly effect, unpredictable changes, the cyclic moving from order to chaotic situation and vice versa, and last but not least dance and moving in relation with the narrative ( the story of Alice and Alin my 2 characters )  as response to an incomprehensible and sometimes chaotic world.

G I F ( concept & coregrafie Nuca Elena C )

Self NO 10 - CNDB 2017

pictures credit Alina Usurelu

Self no 10 - 2017 CNDB

Self  no 10 - dance performance at CNDB Bucharest, 2017 March -  Like CNDB Festival.
The self is the way in which an individual refers to himself. This type of reference is, necessarily, subjective, which means the self is simply a subject's reference to the same subject. the self is the unconscious extension of the " I ", encapsulating the identity  structures of personality, the unconscious tendencies and guiding the mental activity of the individual. The self is material - physical ( self-image), spiritual ( self-image on cultural, informative level 0 and social ( social identity ). This piece is part of a series of works triggered on one hand by the relationship we have with our-selves in various psycho-social-cultural contexts, and on the other hand by introspection ( self-analysis ) versus the objectifying and presenting of what ensues from this process.
pictures credit Lavinia Pollak