Friday, October 24, 2014


IPA - first day - dance performance, Bucharest 2014

In Real Time Composition, I organize my body and thoughts into unitary and coherent whole. I'm suddenly in a live dialogue with myself, in a fragile process, in which the elections succeed quickly. I choose to keep a gesture, to correlate it with a certain part of the body, and to give up to another. The meanings are starting to circulate through the whole body. My attention is that which, as a lover of the city, cross and pass over the body seduced by countless situations and possibilities. The body became a city. It has secret parts, dead ends, circuits, dull surfaces, inexpressive ways, errors, lockups, or liberating surprises. My Attention, a mysterious pilgrim, fell in love with a city-body and miss the way, and finally find itself, in a compound of exaltation, gestures, movements or even dance.