Sunday, July 12, 2015

2014  Dans Performance ( performer ) in cadrul proiectului “The fall of rebel Angels” de Catherine Galasso  -  ZonaD, Bucuresti

-‘Asocieri arbitrare’- Dans performance/experiment- impreuna cu Vlaicu Golcea, invitat poetul Mugur Grosu  -  Galeria Imbold, Bucuresti

Retaken Faces,work in progress,elenacopuzeanu

303 Filmed Faces …

It is a project
about portraits of common peoples around me. About their views, ways of looking
and presence. About our
spontaneous relation, connection, and
communication. There are peoples all around me that I am not able to
contemplate because I am in hurry having so many things to do. I rather
 prefer to
call this project a very personal one, closer to a deep inner need like: to rediscover
my capacity to empathize with the others, or to have a profound eye to eye
contact, if it’s possible.

Seeing, comunicating
and not just watching the others is more important.

After I
asked more than 300 persons to give me their faces, without any choreographic
demanding, I can say that, I regained my own face/portrait. The satisfaction of
rediscover my shapes, my view throw the other view, in this mutual agreement,
in this exchange ( not necessary an equal
one) it was incredible full of pleasure and meaning.