Monday, March 28, 2016

PROMENADE elenacopuzeanu

elenacopuzeanu / Butterfly effect

Butterfly Effect. A dance performance and in the same time a live performing installation, which lasts 45 minutes. With two performers and a lot of objects. With music, autobiographic texts and lights. What is unusual in this show is the fact that will gradually limit space where we perform. This process of restriction of space brings us to a perpetual reconfiguration. The strength of performance lies in the secret codes of communication, into dramatic and ecstatic fusion that will take place between the elements present on the scene: objects, characters, word, sounds and lights. (  Initially, I started working on the Butterfly effect by inviting Georgian Dobre along with me. We entered in space and began to improvise between certain limits and rules. Then we shot, analyzed and resumed the process. For some objective reasons I could not continue working on the project in this formula. A year later I resumed the project alone, within the WASP.

Self Refacut 2016 b

elenacopuzeanu GIF Ref 2016 a