Saturday, February 10, 2018

Body as a living journal

 Body as a living journal/body archiving the present. I organize my work around philosophical and
theoretical investigation regarding: bodily movement composition and the trans-receptivity of
body in motion, critical aspects between shape of the movement and its stored information, time
and space mirroring or dissolving in movement, the existence of bidirectional influences between
action and decisions, the body as ultimate space of inner sensibility and empathy .
A body in moving/dance, a body who work either within the legacy of dance practices and forms
is revealing to me as a complex combination of genetic information, cultural identity, political and
social awareness, and post-humanity. Beyond the fact that I have a particular research topic, my
methodology is that I start from a point in space, my body start to move in that space, and
through a conceptual plan I decide to arrive at a certain experience. But I observed that from the
moment I begin to move, the experience which I have with my body produces a multitude of
other unexpected experiences. Thus the initial plane develops from where I had started and I
come to rethink the original conceptual plane through the function of what my own body reveals
in time, depending on the connections which I can achieve when I work effectively on one
specific topic (what I had proposed to myself at the very beginning ) . So I conclude that body of
a mover/dancer is a live journal inscribed by layers upon layers of experiences and a living
archive for those multiple reconfigurations. Although to have body engaged in moving is
significant for maximum lucidity experience, a vertical and horizontal activation of
understandings and deeply knowledge, on mental, physical and emotional level. A fluid
connection with past, present and future, moving further through the medium of continuous
decision we had. More dynamic than we think, this flow can embrace sparkle of intuition and
revelation, hidden aspects of new type of understanding and empathy. We like writing in our
inner body journal and continuously improving ourselves, shifting the points of view, mixing the
inputs, erasing sentences, replacing the reality with fantasy, squiggling, reshaping, be creative
and smart, extracting the essential through the agency of moving. To reveal those particular
dynamics and make them more visible is the challenge.

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