Saturday, December 6, 2014

'Retaken faces' teaser

  'Retaken faces' is a film based on series of shootings common people's faces, in my hometown. During five days, I was out in the city, wherever on the streets, interacted with people, speaking, asking, listening one another; and they been agree or not with my demand and proposal : to film their faces for a few seconds. From a special point of view, from emotional one, this interaction was very exciting and releasing. On the one hand the people who refused me, brought in the project the items of 'personal space', 'prudent behavior', 'trusting or not trusting', 'confidence', 'unstudied behavior'. On the other hand, the people who say Yes to me, brought the gladness, the exultation of open faces, of eyes to eyes contact, the expressiveness, and  they heightened the emotional  and communication levels. Another important thing for me, was, that somehow I regained my own  common face. This teaser is part from almost 300  common faces filmed.

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