Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Short bio


My background is in Visual Arts and I call myself visual artist, dancer and independent performer. I have always been fascinated by mixing techniques, so  from the beginning I developed several ways of communication like monumental drawings, small paintings , video installation site specific , performances in public spaces and dance: authentic movements and real time compositions in relations with experimental music . It is about interdisciplinary but my interest is focusing - priority - on dance and performance.

In the last two years I have had a lot of work to an experiment in textile paintings; I created fashion design projects and I combined painting with clothing design where I used my weird imaginary, tested the collaboration with a professional fashion designer, made performances for presentation of final collection and I planning for next year another new collection. Also I painted graffiti in private spaces in Brussels and I have drawings works in MNAC and NY collections. In present I am concern specifically about the “role” of the dramaturge in contemporary performances and also I try to extend this “role” in different elements of the construction of a work of art, completely integrated it into the working process, method, and relations. I doing researches on the process of creating performances, and  I’m pointing particular on that moment, when the conceptual precision of ideas is turned into compromise, when the experimental and open, risks dimension of  work is drastically reduced and the performer go for the “safe” things.