Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moment, work in progress

“The Greeks named this "moment" kairos, that is, simply put, the right moment. To know to find the perfect moment, the moment that you can stop it, and at the same time, that moment that you can liberate and realease it, is more than photography, is a philosophy of life. Many times we lose the fateful moment, passes next to us because we like it or not, we are unable to stop us, sometimes being caught ourselves into the daily trap, sometimes because we're moving much too fast to see and most of the time because we are careless or inattentive./ Aristotle defines in Nicomahica, the entire Ethics moral life around the fact of being able to recognize the right moment, to act in accordance with the time and, especially, to get ready for this decision is fundamental to the ethical man. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, this is the ultimate tragedy, because kairos it is the opposite of tyche - fortune -, that it is give us from gods and it is our predestination." from a text about Behind The Gare Saint-Lazare”

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